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Restore TP-LINK Firmware to Original

Do you want to re-use original firmware from TP-LINK? Here you will know how. Follow every step in the video and you’ll have TP-LINK router with the same firmware when you buy it.

For details intruction watch this video:

3 thoughts on “Restore TP-LINK Firmware to Original

  1. Gan, Restore Firmware caranya masih sama kah? itu postingan juga masih baru, kok saya Restore gak bisa masuk di Default IP padahal TP-Link MR3020 v1 juga. koneksikabel ethernet gak nemu IP Adreassnya, coba masuk lewat wirelessnya TP-LINK_POCKET_3020_90B162 malah disuruh masukin password lah apa lagi Passwodnya. intinya gak bisa masuk ke IP Defaulnnya :! Tolong Bantuanya gan

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