Gigi Commands

GIGI v.2.0

GIGI you know? GIGI are teeth in Indonesian, clean and neat teeth are everyone’s dream.

But here we will not discuss your teeth. GIGI COMMAND is a command on Pulpstone OpenWrt / LEDE. With this command you do not have to bother to install a software or confusing how to make a camera work with your router or raspbery. Type GIGI COMMAND and everything is all right, we make everything easy and it’s free for you.


Here all simple command that ready to play with your hands:

Command Result
gigi exroot Expand the internal memory of the router
Solution for router with small ROM
gigi samba Share files over network (usb storage)
gigi mpd  music player server
need usb soundcard
gigi oscam Install OSCam on router
gigi pulpstone-mikodemos SMS, USSD, OpenVPN with PHP interface
gigi webcam-uvc Install mjpeg-streamer for webcam Linux UVC driver
gigi minidlna Install MiniDLNA
gigi transmission Install torrent transmission
gigi webui-aria2 Install webui-aria2 downloader
gigi wifi Install wifi usb dongle
gigi tema Install LuCI theme
gigi dnscrypt Opendns, unblock website
gigi printer Printer server over network
gigi update-gigi Update gigi commands